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[#1] International trade
Given an XML file with currency conversions and a CSV file of sales transactions from various stores in different countries, find the total sales in US dollars for a particular item.
[#2] Cheap tourist, fast tourist
Given that Steve and Jennifer want to travel from city A to city Z, find the sequence of flights most suitable for each one.
[#3] Spelling suggestions
Given a misspelled search query and two candidate dictionary words, return the candidate dictionary word that has the longest common subsequence with the search query word.
[#4] Robots vs. Lasers
Help a disgruntled programmer dismantle a robot decommissioning factory by figuring out how to minimize the amount of deadly laser blasts each robot gets hit with.
[#5] Counting Cards
Help a lovable, slightly inebriated raccoon cheat at cards by reading unreliable signals and using logic to find out which signals you can trust.
[#6] Steganography 101
Think you have what it takes to become an International Programmer of Mystery? Take this online test from the legendary University of Feenucks and find out!
[#7] Blue Hawaii
Help customers decide on seasonally-priced Hawaiian vacation rentals by calculating the cost of various units for a requested reservation period.
[#8] Best Scrabble Opening
Become a Scrabble champion by creating a program to help you select the best opening move, given a set of tiles and a board to start with.
[#9] Turtle Tracks
Build a simple LOGO-like interpreter to make a turtle move across a canvas, drawing lines in its wake.
[#10] All Wired Up
Come up with a ruby program that will predict whether a light bulb at the end of an electic circuit composed of several on/off switches will light up once the current is flowing
[#11] Hitting Rock Bottom
Put your spelunker's hat on and simulate the manner in which a stream of water would progressively fill an underground cavern.
[#12] Secret Messages
Change the course of world events by cracking the hidden meaning of an intercepted secret missive.
[#13] Chess Validator
Take a shot at getting your dream job by implementing a simple chess move validator
[#14] Six Degrees of Separation
Develop a micro-blogging recommendation system by analyzing who has talked to whom
[#15] Poor Man's FORTH
Help Eddie the Esoteric Programmer build the language of his dreams.